Hello all!

I assume most of you looking at this blog are my friends parents barely navigating the website on your mac or PC. But seriously, I would love to share this blog with all my friends and family, and anybody else who finds it interesting! It will basically sum up my experiences being a strict vegan for 30 days for the first time in my life. Just some background info: My name is Clay Campbell and I am a college freshman at Colorado State University. Go Rams! I went to high school in a mostly rural community and come from a ranching background. I would like to note that this 30 day challenge is strictly for the experience of trying something new only! I am NOT a fan of PETA, and that argument will not be addressed in this blog. I will be posting everyday at least once letting you know about my trials and tribulations. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get special vegan powers. Hope you all enjoy!


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