Day #2, 8:44 pm Kelsi Bradley’s Room, Summit Hall

Just let me say, somehow my day started off with cheese cake. No I did not eat it, but never the less, it was there. 3 weeks is too long for cheese cake to stay fresh in the fridge right? Obviously. So I threw my room mate’s 1 piece of cheese cake that had been residing in my teeny tiny dorm fridge away. Sorry, my orange juice wasn’t gonna fit and I thought I was doing you a favor.

But this morning, she was like, “Hey why did you throw away my food?” And I just sitting on the floor trying to find some socks, and all I thought was “aw shit.”

So basically, shit hit the fan because I threw away her cheesecake. I would like to note that I did apologize. And acknowledged that I had bad communication with her. I think that qualifies as issue over. But can you say dramatic? Sheesh. But onto the land of veggies and dairy-free products.

Due to my room mate escapade, I had NO extra time for breakfast. So I ended up downing 2 handfuls of raw pecans and a a glass of orange juice. So the lesson here is that room mate perpetuated haste actually promotes my goal of being vegan. So THANKS Tia!

Lunch was also super convenient. Got a salad at my local…..cafeteria( AKA Corbett hall). Avoiding cheese is a little difficult because I basically love feta on my salads. I also got a burrito on a gluten free tortilla but the lady in line completely ripped it in half and it was fudged. My day has been filled with people determined to promote my extreme veganism.

If you are familiar with dorm food, (if you’re my mom’s friend, you’re not. Its gotten a lot better.) Anyway, Braiden Hall houses a sand which place that is the But, I did not experience it tonight because I ate ANOTHER salad. And guess what bitches? I enjoyed it. Didn’t even think of bacon once. Maybe this challenge will be a success.

Peace out everyone(: Like literally, chill out. Don’t pull of Tia.)


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