Day 1 3:12 P.M Corbett Laundry Room

Day #1  3:12 p.m

When I started this challenge, I thought my only obstacles would be the food. WRONG. When I logged into my face book account this morning, a whole slew of negative comments deriving from my post (announcing that I would be becoming a vegan for 30 days),  immediately filled up my notifications bar. My family and friends were not impressed. They think that this heads the list of dumb things I could do in college. Personally, I thought MIPs and heroin were at the top of the don’t do list, but apparently I was wrong. Apparently they don’t believe in vegan powers.

Anyway, on to the actual topic of the food…. I realized that I will not be able to have yogurt or milk for breakfast, cheese on my salads at lunch or ANY pasta!(It contains egg). I still need to research the foods I can eat, but I think bread is still an option. I thank God that I can still have peanut butter and pecans because otherwise I have no idea where my protein would come from. I still haven’t gotten around to dinner yet but I’m sure it will be a fairly interesting affair. Maybe all of you will be lucky enough to read another post from me later tonight!


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